Introduction: Mike Singh

Go shorty, it's your birthday - Handmade Card

I chose this image for several reasons.  Firstly, as Scholes discovered, the common theme in regards to the Greek origin of the word text is creation or birth.  What better day to celebrate birth than your birthday?  Also, the text that is on the front of this card refers to a rap lyric from the artist 50 Cent.  Lyrics from songs are usually communicated orally, but in this case we are looking at the written lyric.  When Scholes examined the evolution of the word text through the Latin period he noticed that text could be thought of as both an oral or written construct , just like song lyrics.

My name is Mike Singh.  I am currently teaching a grade 6/7 class in Vancouver.  This is my 9th course in the program and I am looking forward to graduation in the Spring.  I have learned a great deal in this program and am always excited to try to apply what I have learned with my students.   I have just started at a new school this year after being at my old school for 10 years.  It has been quite an adjustment, as you can see from the timing of my post!  I look forward to working with everyone and learning lots this term.

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