A Change in Perspective: A Way to Combat Present Challenges

Earth taken by Galileo after completing its first Earth Gravity Assist

Hello everyone,

As we move forward and discuss the emergence/evolution of text and the implications/impacts on Western culture, I always wonder about the implications for the rest of the world. This image of South America forces us to redefine how we view the world as it is from a perspective that we may not be used to when viewing a map of the world. We may be more used to the version where the Northern hemisphere is centralized and in a roundabout way, given more attention. As we consider the impacts of the technology and the growing ‘gap’ between nations, and the dominance of English literacy as the language of education I always like to reflect on the reality of what how what we discuss alters the rest of the world.

From a more personal perspective, I was born in the Caribbean and as such understand the realities of what the technology gap between the “have” and “have not” nations looks like in the developing world. I harbour no ill will or blame for this situation but do feel that we, in the first world, have a responsibility to our fellow global citizens to try to minimize any existing gaps or shortfalls, be they humanitarian, educational etc.  My interests are based in my personal history and framed in my daily reality. I am most interested in how we as educators can use technology to engage those students who may be disenfranchised or in the fringes thereby closing the ‘gaps’ we see between our students every day.

Good luck to all,

Ryan D

About rahdube

My name is Ryan Dube and presently, I am a High School English and Social Studies teacher at Belmont Secondary School, in Langford, BC, which is approximately 15 min North of Victoria. My interests and reasons for joining the MET program revolve around exploring ways in which to encourage multiliteracy and foster educational relevance as we enter the 21st Century.
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