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What motivated you to explore the application you used? has reappeared recently in social media as many people have been using it to post daily activities on Facebook.  While it had been presented to me as a comic tool … Continue reading

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Hangeul and Literacy in Korea

The Evolution of Hangeul and its Impact on Literacy in Korea by Heidi Corbett Back in a time when China’s influence dominated Asia, there lived a king with a heart for his people, the nation of Korea.  He worked hard … Continue reading

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Willinsky for Open Access to Scholary Publishing

More than a century ago, John Dewey claimed that the education system was limiting the individual and put forth his mandate for democracy in education. He foresaw a society where people shared learning experiences and where freedom of intelligence was … Continue reading

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Petroglyphs were introduced to me by my father during one of our summer family road trips.  I was intrigued by the images, the pictures, the symbols and what they represented.  What stories did they tell?  What was their purpose?  What … Continue reading

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