Valley of Fire - Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs were introduced to me by my father during one of our summer family road trips.  I was intrigued by the images, the pictures, the symbols and what they represented.  What stories did they tell?  What was their purpose?  What were they communicating?  I also marveled at the time and effort it would take to create a petroglyph.  What tools were used?  And how did these images withstand the weathering over time?

Hi, my name is Heidi and I currently reside in the city of Seoul.  Life here is fast paced and my landscape is always changing as new buildings go up replacing old ones and businesses change or evolve matching societal trends.  I teach at an international school with a strong focus on the use of technology for both teachers and students.  This course was of interest to me as I consider how the spaces of reading and writing are being impacted through computers and technology.  I am looking forward to learning from our community!

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  1. fotopasion says:

    Hi Ms. Corbett! So nice to see you here. I had no idea you were in the MET program. Thanks for sharing the image of the petroglyphs. According to philosopher Willem Flusser it was these early “images” that had their magic stolen by texts, and now the technical image (i.e. photographs) have taken the magic away from texts. There may be something to his crazy notion! I look forward to working with you. Say hi to Mr. Lazor for me.


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