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Kerpoof and Rip.Mix.Feed

I created a story using I was motivated to explore this application because of my final group project on graphic novel creation. I am always looking for new and engaging tools for story creation in my elementary classroom. … Continue reading

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Literacy and the Underground Railway

I chose to complete my Module 3 Research Project in a program called Zooburst. Zooburst is a digital storytelling tool that helps users create their own 3D pop up book on a topic of their choice. The topic for my … Continue reading

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Where You Came From Determines Where You Will Go

My grandparents grew up in a time when oral storytelling preserved memories, before television and long before the computer generation. Their way of processing information was very different from the way their parents culture would have processed information years before … Continue reading

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Adding Texture to Text Through Technology: Christina Luciak

I chose this image because it represents to me the before and after of text and technology. Text in the original sense of the word, is communication. Text, to me, does not always mean words. I suppose this comes from … Continue reading

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