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I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I currently live and teach in Guatemala and love to spend my free time exploring the outdoors.

Final Connections…Multiliteracies

Learning about mulitliteracies has been an interesting journey. From orality to the age of print, the way people have interacted with information has constantly changed over time. While people like Ong, believe that the art of the written word is … Continue reading

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This was a great activity which gave my the chance to explore various tools to see which ones would be useful in my teaching practices. In the end, I created a cartoon using Kerpoof because it was different from what … Continue reading

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Shifting Economies of Book Production

Shifting Economies of Book Production Today we live in what Bolter (2001) describes as the late age of print, where many texts will never be printed, and will only exist in digital form. However, there was a time when the … Continue reading

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The Judgement of Postman: The benefits and drawbacks of technological innovations

Postman introduces his book, Technopoly with chapter one, The Judgement of Thamus, in which he attacks American media and television. Postman’s main argument in this chapter is that new technologies alter the structure of our interests including the things we … Continue reading

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Text Technologies

This image of jumbled letters is representative of how I see technology, media, and text as overwhelmingly dominate in our society. Communication via talk, text message, email, and video call etc is so intertwined with our daily lives, that we … Continue reading

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