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Final Connection

What a journey! I decided to make my connections with the use of visuals (cartoons created on Bitstrips) and text. When looking through the names of people posting to the ETEC 540 Weblog, I saw several familiar names of people … Continue reading

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Flipped Learning – Corbett, Nevoral, D’Souza

Hello All, We (Heidi Corbett, Claude D’Souza, and Lisa Nevoral) created a website on Flipped Learning.  Please feel free to provide feedback. There is much discussion around the buzz words “flipped learning” or the “flipped classroom”.  Flipped learning is not one … Continue reading

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YouTube Annotations

Hi Everyone, I decided to create a Weebly website and posted my Rip.Mix.Feed project on there.  I used YouTube Annotations on an Animoto video I had created before.  I also posted my comments on the Website. I added two videos … Continue reading

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From Handwriting to Typewriting

Hello All, Heather and I would like to present our website on the typewriter, called “From Handwriting to Typewriting.”  Please feel free to provide feedback on our work. Here is the introduction to our website: The change from handwriting to … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 – Orality and Literacy – Lisa Nevoral

Introduction Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy brings forward a compelling argument how writing has played a large role in shaping human consciousness (1982).  He writes in a “matter of fact” and authoritative manner, which makes the reader feel that what … Continue reading

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Introduction – Lisa Nevoral

Hello All, My name is Lisa and I am from Kelowna, BC.  I am a middle school math/science teacher and this is my 9th MET course. The first image I was going to post wouldn’t let me grab the HTML … Continue reading

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