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Hi Everyone,

I decided to create a Weebly website and posted my Rip.Mix.Feed project on there.  I used YouTube Annotations on an Animoto video I had created before.  I also posted my comments on the Website.

I added two videos I had created for two other ETEC courses to show what they looked like.  One was created on Animoto and the other on Sparkol VideoScribe (thanks Stacy Boon for introducing me to this program).

The site is called Lisa’s Site.


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6 Responses to YouTube Annotations

  1. cluciak says:

    Thanks Lisa,
    I have used weebly for other courses as well as for a personal blog and like the features that it offers. I agree that sometimes you have to refresh the page to see the additions, corrections that have been made. Interesting that there are so many programs out there that state they are free but obviously to a point. This can be limiting with what you want to create but usually there is enough wiggle room to get the job done! I’m now interested to learn more about annotating videos on youtube as I was not aware this was an option.


  2. Lisa Nevoral says:

    Hi Christina,

    I have learned about different programs mostly through this MET process. Usually it’s during a group project. I have my favorite go-to programs (ex. Weebly), but there always seems to be something new out there. Next time you are in Connect, I posted a link to a Google Doc called METers Tech Tools and Tips in the Rip.Mix.Feed discussion thread. I have used some of the tools within that site and you might find it useful.


  3. esarbit says:

    Lisa – thanks for posting that link to the GoogleDoc – very useful!

    • Lisa Nevoral says:

      Hi Emma,

      Your welcome, although I wasn’t the one to create it. It’s an advantage to have tools/tips that others in this program have used and for what purpose. I wonder in 5 years if some of these tools will still be around.


  4. laurenmacd says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I have used Weebly before also. I find it extremely user-friendly. It use it for my classroom webpage and have used it for other assignments in MET. I have been creating my eP for 590 in it this term. I have recommended it to other teachers I know who may not be overly tech-savvy, but want to have their own webpage.
    I haven’t heard of Sparkol Videoscribe before. It is too bad that it isn’t free. I do like it though and could definitely see a few uses for it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa Nevoral says:

      Hi Lauren,

      I also like Weebly because it is easy-to-use and has a sleek finish to it. The only feature (to date) that I wish it had was the ability to make a table.

      I have already started my ETEC 590 portfolio (last summer one of my professors suggested that we start collecting our work) on Weebly. I think I will stay with it.

      Have a great break,


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