Telephones: Then and Now

Hi Everyone,

Over the last 60 years the telephone has come to be one of the most important technologies that exists today. From telephone booths to the first car phone, the telephone industry has been reshaped numerous times. In the 21st Century, we rely on telephones as much more than devices for voice calls. Telephones function as portable computers, GPS and mapping devices, and most importantly social networking arenas for millions of people everyday. 

The telephone has had an significant impact on culture, society, language, and education as it has become more popular. We anticipate that the telephone will continue to play a major role in the lives of people-young and old in the coming centuries. 

Please visit this link for our presentation. We hope you enjoy the journey through time!

Amanda, Danielle, Eileen, and Monique


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4 Responses to Telephones: Then and Now

  1. laurenmacd says:

    Hello Ladies! I really enjoyed your presentation on the telephone and its impact on society, culture and communication. It will be interesting to see for sure the evolution go telephones over the next 50 years. To answer your question at the end, I am wondering if the telephone will evolve to be something similar to the Google glass or a small earpiece that you wear. Great job! Cheers!

    • emonks says:

      Thanks Lauren! It was an interesting topic with so many little changes along the way but in some cases some large impacts, especially when telephones became embraced within society and with the digital change of cellphone/smartphone technology. Personally, I’m one of those people who would feel lost without my phone. I tend to think in a similar line as you, that it will be clothing next… and then I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps an implanted chip at some point down the road…

  2. Chenoa says:

    A great and very thorough presentation! I remember the first cordless phones and how they were often referred to as “bricks”, since that was pretty much how big and heavy they were. I enjoyed my journey through phone history and especially appreciated the many types of media you chose to present your information. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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