From Handwriting to Typewriting

Hello All,

Heather and I would like to present our website on the typewriter, called “From Handwriting to Typewriting.”  Please feel free to provide feedback on our work.

Here is the introduction to our website:

The change from handwriting to typing is still a work in progress. There are advocates and detractors on both sides of the debate but there seems to be a slow move towards typing. As authors of this website, we don’t purport to give all sides of the argument, instead we have narrowed our topic to that point when typing entered our collective consciousness. The typewriter has revolutionized the business world and has major educational implications. But the rise of the typewriter and subsequent screen technologies have not yet overtaken handwriting completely. Time will tell if QWERTY becomes our main mode of textual communication but in the meantime, look how far we’ve come in our typing history.

Lisa and Heather

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2 Responses to From Handwriting to Typewriting

  1. laurenmacd says:

    Hi Lisa and Heather!
    I really enjoyed your presentation on handwriting and typing. It was very informative. The YouTube video with the different typewriters was quite interesting. I never knew there were so many different typewriters for different sized papers, etc. I think it will be interesting to see as typing becomes more prominent in our students at younger and younger ages what effect it does have on their ability to recognize letters, sounds and words, as well as being able to correctly form and spell words. Great job!

    • Lisa Nevoral says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens with handwriting in the future. In researching for this project, we did find literature that promotes having students still learn to handwrite, as it helps with letter recognition and writing abilities.


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