The Invention of Photography

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Janet and I collaborated on the topic, the “invention of photography”, which includes the invention of photography up until the invention of the digital camera. Given that photography is our topic, would be remiss if we didn’t include images, so we have decided to work with multi-media rather than text alone. Janet has provided a timeline of the invention of photography as well as some information about technology and education. For my contribution, I covered the relationship between “Photography and Literature”, as well as some briefer highlights about changes in literary practice. Both our sections should meet the 2000 word limit (per person).

We chose Prezi (a non-linear, zooming presentation) as the format for this presentation. Click the large play button to begin. We did set a path for this presentation, so if you just keep pressing the play button, you will  progress through the content in a particular. But you can also control your navigation through the presentation by clicking on any items you are interested in exploring. Navigate by pointing, clicking, dragging, and zooming in and out with your mouse wheel. Please let us know, if you encounter any problems or issues.

Stacey & Janet

Here’s the link: The Invention of Photography

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