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My name is Ryan Dube and presently, I am a High School English and Social Studies teacher at Belmont Secondary School, in Langford, BC, which is approximately 15 min North of Victoria. My interests and reasons for joining the MET program revolve around exploring ways in which to encourage multiliteracy and foster educational relevance as we enter the 21st Century.

In closing, a Visual to Connect

Although part of me has known this fact for a while, our journey from ‘Papyrus to Cyberspace’ has solidified for me the fact that I place great importance on visuals that accompany text. At first I thought that this preference … Continue reading

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Spell with Flikr

‘Spell with Flikr’ is an interesting application which allows a little bit of whimsy into a world dominated by uniformity of size, shape and colour. How many times have I tried to make a handout more interesting by changing the … Continue reading

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Literacy in the 21st Century: Revision of Traditional Approaches Essential for the Future

Hi everyone, A couple of opening caveats regarding my project: 1. It is presented as two versions: Version A: a prezi based off off the research that is intended to be presented at a Department Meeting to frame and open … Continue reading

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The Origins of Silent Reading

Hello everyone, It is our pleasure to share with you, our research project on the Origins of Silent Reading. Our project, which can be found at, takes a look a the History of Reading and progresses to Developing Silent … Continue reading

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Mark Antony in 2013: Power of Oration and Persuasive Rhetoric

Accepting that Western society is predominantly literate it is difficult for us to recognize the oral roots upon which our culture is founded. In fact it would be near impossible to consider how an artifact from a previous culture impacts … Continue reading

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A Change in Perspective: A Way to Combat Present Challenges

Hello everyone, As we move forward and discuss the emergence/evolution of text and the implications/impacts on Western culture, I always wonder about the implications for the rest of the world. This image of South America forces us to redefine how … Continue reading

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