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text messages: i love you. i love you. i love you. dscf6294
pic: from flickr

This is going to sound totally cliche but I chose this image because when I saw this picture it promoted me to think of the original reasons I entered the ‘texting/technology’ mobility world; so that I could connect with friends and family… those people that I love and want to stay in touch with. Although many changes have occurred to get us to the point we’re at today, I can still recall many pivotal points in my life that surround both text – symbols and the written word, and technology – from a commodore 64 to now.

My name is Eileen Monks and I am an intermediate (mostly grade 4/5) teacher in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island. This is my 6th/7th MET course and I am very much looking forward to it. As text and written language is still a stumbling for many of my students, I am hoping to gain a better understanding in this area, and additional ways to support my learners.

I look forward to learning and working with all of you.

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