Making Connections: To the Future

Though I enjoyed reading and extracting meaning from the various assigned readings in this class, I have found myself wishing for more oral and visual content. This is certainly not directed only at this class, but my overall experience in MET leaves me wondering why these courses don’t evolve as our projects do…
We are asked to create, impress and process using multiple kinds of media to demonstrate our collective digestion of knowledge, yet our course content is rooted in the past. I want to be engaged with course content as much as I am with the work of my peers…
Onwards and upwards. I learned so much over the course of this semester from the discussions both written in the forums, the Skype conversations with Marc and Kimberly, working with my final project team and finding my own meaning within the texts. I am inspired and have already begun adjusting my course material. I just had my ELL students create stories on Kerpoof and my Drama students draw storyboards on Pixton.
I am seeking a happy medium between literacy and orality where perhaps more can thrive, but what’s really important to me is the use of visual literacy.
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About Jessica Dickens

I am an English Language Arts, Drama, Film Studies and ESL teacher in Vancouver, BC. I have recently begun a new position at a new private secondary school called Alexander Academy in downtown Vancouver. I am building a curriculum for each of my classes and creating my department from scratch. It is incredibly challenging and rewarding. I live in downtown Vancouver with my husband, Jordan, a freelance illustrator. I am a pop culture addict with a passion for classic films, modern television and all kinds of music. I would much rather spend an evening on Netflix than on a campground, so I am not your typical Vancouverite. I am hoping to finish MET in August 2014.
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