Making Connections

Through the different readings, discussions and assignments, I feel that I have a developed a greater understanding literacy, evolution of literacy practices, and the influence that technology has had on literacy. As a result I have a deeper awareness of the importance of digital literacy and mulitleracies.  I would have enjoyed perhaps more visual content in the course. I appreciated the opportunities for collaborative assignments and enjoyed working together with classmates in their completion. I really posting to the course Weblog  and participating in the Rip Mix Feed activity. The latter was a practical opportunity to not only explore some Web 2.0 tools myself, but to view the artifacts that colleagues created and their reflections on them. I have some new tools to now add to my ever-growing list of web tools to explore.

This is my final term in MET. I will be submitting my ePortfolio for 590 at the end of this week, which is both exciting and bittersweet. Time has really flown! Perhaps I will see some of you in May at graduation!

It has been wonderful to learn from and with all of you! I wish you all a wonderful break and holiday season, and best of lock in your remaining courses!


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4 Responses to Making Connections

  1. Lisa Nevoral says:

    Hey Lauren,

    Congratulations for completing the MET program! Good on you to do this course at the same times as ETEC 590. Although it will be nice to not have assigned readings or assignments due, I am sure you will miss the collaborative nature that this program has provided, as well as learning different tools to use and take back to your classroom (assuming you are a teacher). Good luck,


  2. maubanel says:

    Congratulations on finishing, I am jealous (one more semester for me). I do agree that I found it ironic that in this “text dominated” class, there was so much “writing” about the dominance of visuals. If this class represents online learning then we are not moving away from text based media in education. I also feel that there could be more use of video to create a more personal connection with the school and the instructors. It feels a bit cold and lonely here in cyberspace – and it is not offset with the affordances of video and pictures.


  3. laurenmacd says:

    Thanks Lisa and Marc! I will definitely miss the MET community and the sharing both formal and informal with everyone. I am looking forward to having time to explore all the tools and ideas I have with my students. Best of luck with the rest of your courses! You’re almost there Marc!

    Lauren 🙂

  4. Mel says:

    Congrats! I am glad we had the chance to connect with our group project this class. Thanks for being so awesome! Hope the future brings you treasures,

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