Introduction: Rebecca Harrison

[Naerofjord (i.e., Nærøyfjord) from Gudvangen, Sognefjord, Norway] (LOC)

Hello all,

I chose this image (after doing a search for water travel) because my relationship with words started as a way for me to travel away and have adventures. As I got older words became a way to connect to other people and to share opinions. What I learned about words allowed me to get jobs, travel and stay in touch with the people I love along the way. Now, being in a more remote community than I’m used to (which sometimes feels as remote as this cabin looks), I see the power that words, and the technology that carries them, can have for my students.

I am very excited about this course for a variety of reasons. Let me start by saying that I am a word lover. Sometimes my word-loving gets me into trouble, as I will send back my friends’ texts with spelling or grammar corrections. The way that different types of technology have impacted the way we communicate, as in the case of terrible text grammar,  are of great interest to me. This course seems like a great way to investigate some of my questions and observations on this topic, with the aid of all of you lovely people! I am currently an elementary school teacher, although the first degree I completed was a BA with a major in English Literature (my favourite courses were anything to do with Blake or Shakespeare). I currently am on the TOC list waiting for the dust to settle in our district so that I can see whether I have a position this year.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!


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2 Responses to Introduction: Rebecca Harrison

  1. Kim Wagner says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I hope that something has worked out for you. I have several friends in my area who were in the same situation this fall.

  2. rebeccaharrison says:

    I actually wound up with a Grade 4/5/6 this year. Whew! I’m right on the borderline for continuing status (although our district doesn’t have a policy), and with the declining enrollment things have really shuffled around this year. I hear that’s the case in many districts!

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