Introduction: Lauren


I chose this image because it reminds me of the enormous shift that has occurred with the advent of mobile technology and all the affordances it brings to students. Only a short time ago, if students needed to find information they had to do so using printed books, magazines, and newspapers and if they wanted to read a story it was a paper book. How times have changed! Students  now have access at any time and from anywhere to information and books from all over the world. They don’t have to go to a store to buy a book/magazine, they can do so online and read on computers, e-readers, iPads, etc. This shift has meant that there are new literacies, that need to be part of students’ learning, such as digital and media literacy. As an avid reader who enjoys reading on my iPad, there’s still nothing like holding a printed book in my hands!

I am a Grade 2 Early French Immersion teacher in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Technology plays a prominent role in my classroom for teaching and learning. I am one of the lead technology teachers on my staff and enjoy sharing what I learn in MET with my colleagues. This is my final term in the MET program and I am taking 590 alongside this course. My interest in taking ETEC 540 to deepen my understanding of how technology is influencing the different areas of language-oral language, reading, viewing, writing and representing. All of these areas play a major role in my teaching as I teach children to navigate them in a second language. I look forward to working with everyone this term!

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