Enigma Machine

Today I found myself thinking, “What represents the influence of text?” This picture of an enigma typewriter I think captures the idea that text can equal power. In my mind, the enigma evokes dark imagery, such as WWII and use of code to prepare and organize battle by Axis powers. Entire divisions of analysts worked tirelessly to break code-machines such as the enigma during war. The enigma represents text, directed by persons with agendas, used by people following orders, created to push people to act in certain ways, controlling information and therefore potential outcomes, influencing the future in sometimes predictable, yet often unforeseeable ways. Controlling the text means control over others.

On a lighter note…

My name is Mel Burgess and I am interested in learning the ways that technology influences us and how it is used to influence others. I enjoy my job teaching adults at the Cowichan Adult Learning Centre in Duncan, BC. I like to learn and this is my 7th course with MET. I am enjoying “meeting” my fellow MET’ians through this and other courses. I play guitar in a band. I have been married for 11 years. I have two daughters, ages 6 and 8 who need new sneakers every 6 months, like to pull their own loose teeth out, and who have helped me rediscover my imagination.

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3 Responses to Enigma

  1. rebeccaharrison says:


    I’ve been thinking a lot about the possible dark side of text as well, and I’m glad that you made mention of the power that is contained in words. Misinformation through either media or text is a hot topic for me right now and teaching students how to find what is being shared, who is sharing it and what they are holding back is important for me.


  2. emonks says:

    Nice to ‘see’ you again Mel.

    • Mel says:

      And you as well! Nice to have people I recognize as part of the group. Makes me feel good that I’m not slogging through it all on my own! We slog on together,

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