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Making Connections: An overview of Literacy and Technology

I have found this course to be both challengning and interesting. I think that at this time in our technological development as a society, this course is incredibly relevant. Some major learnings from my research, course readings and projects or … Continue reading

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Making Connections: A response to a final project.

This didn’t work as a “reply,” so I have added it here instead. Here is the blog posting: Here is my response:

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Final Project: The Impact of Communications Technology on Social Interactions

Hello, and welcome to our final project, This project will look at the way that changing communications technology has impacted our social interactions. We have chosen to represent our investigation through a variety of media. To understand our project fully, … Continue reading

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Flickr and Dumpr and Smilebox

Photo attribution: photon_de (from Flickr) What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used? I tried to create a few different things online, but had some serious issues opening Kerploof and some of the other sites. I’ve tried off of … Continue reading

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The Invention of Paper in China

Hello all,   Here is my investigation into one area of literacy development. Please feel free to peruse my Prezi and let me know what you think.   Cheers, Rebecca

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The Balance Between Ways of Communicating

Biakolo argues convincingly in his paper “On the Theoretical Foundations of Orality and Literacy,” (1999), that Ong (1982), and others were less than fair in using Plato as their measuring stick for those in a literate Greek culture. He does this … Continue reading

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Introduction: Rebecca Harrison

Hello all, I chose this image (after doing a search for water travel) because my relationship with words started as a way for me to travel away and have adventures. As I got older words became a way to connect to … Continue reading

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