This course was relevant to the advancements currently occurring with technology and education and has provided me with so much knowledge, deepening my understanding of literacy and what it means to live in a digital world. The evolution of technology is one that not only excites me but also scares me. The rate at which the tools and resources are changing is overwhelming at times and I worry I will not be able to keep up. I found the assignments in this course manageable, interesting and practical. The rip.mix.feed activity, in particular was a great way to get to know some of the tools I had previously heard of but not yet able to explore. The opportunity to see peers’ activities added to our bank of media tools for future exploration. The blog created another dimension to the course. It was a fun way to reflect, share and connect with peers. That said, at times I felt confused as to where I was “supposed” to post? Some students posted in both the forum and blog. I found myself often looking for posts, where to comment, and noticed they repeated due to the multiple possible areas available for us to post.

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  1. kgill says:

    Hi, yes, I was trying to articulate that in my response too: I was confused at times where to post as there were many options (i.e. Blackboard and Social Book in the same week at times).

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