Making Connections

I am recording my connections in the format as 3 stars and a wish:

3 stars:
1. Group work/presentation tools: Working in groups and viewing the other presentations (and the Rip.Mix.Feed activity) I learned about a various tools that I can utilize when I present information. I am a visual learner and for me, it was nice to see the tools used, as it made it easier for me to see what sorts of things can come out of using them.
2. Social Book: I have never used this before. I enjoyed it because I could mark up the text and refer back to the highlighted notes, by myself and my peers. It’s useful because the comments in the margins allowed us to further develop or expand on the text. I really appreciated this, as sometimes concepts are unclear.
3. Flexibility: I really appreciated how we were able to choose how we wanted to present our learning. I am not fond of writing papers so having options was great!

1 wish:
– Very minor: I have seen this in another course where the weeks are divided up instead of modules on the discussion board. Since a couple of the module topics were not in sync with the weeks we were to complete them, my postings were in the wrong spots. (I hope that makes sense)

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