Making connections: A Poetic Conclusion or Just the Beginning?

As the course draws to a close and we look back to reflect

the room begins to spin and my head begins to ache.

Not because of the workload, readings or computer screens,

but instead the depth of thought provoked in its wake


My opinions of literacy have been broadened,

after reading, discussing, researching and testing.

I now take into consideration, the message, the medium,

and the perspectives others have been presenting.


The community Weblog was a pleasant experience,

demonstrating connections between our learning.

A collection of resources of definite value,

to which I am sure we will all be returning.


Rip.Mix.Feed proved to be incredibly useful

showing me web 2.0 tools I didn’t know existed.

I enjoyed being exposed to what is out there

and noting digital tools that in my lessons will be enlisted.


Please find below a collection of images

which aim to encapsulate my thinking.

They show my understandings have and will continue to grow

my thoughts about literacy most definitely not shrinking!


I have enjoyed my time in this course,

and have appreciated everybody’s collaboration.

I wish you all luck in the rest of the MET program,

and a well-deserved, restful vacatio

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2 Responses to Making connections: A Poetic Conclusion or Just the Beginning?

  1. kgill says:

    Hi Emma,

    I enjoyed reading your poem and agree with the many aspects that you have covered. I found that collaboration and working with my peers was key. Whether it was discussions on the discussion boards, Social Book conversations or group work, I found that these interactions were beneficial to my learning, as they really helped in deepening my understanding of the topics we were covering.

    I, too, appreciated the Web 2.0 tools. I enjoyed experimenting with them and am excited to utilize them in the classroom!


  2. Mel says:

    Nicely done! I didn’t know you were a poet as well!
    It was great to meet you during the course and work together on our project. I wish you the best in the future,

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