Introduction – Hello everyone from Kelowna, B.C.

Kindergarten scout
“Kindergarten Scout” by Matt Eriksson Feb. 10, 2010

Hello Everyone!

My name is Michelle Relova and I am the Vice-Principal at Davidson Rd. Elementary School in Lake Country BC. This is my first full year in this position, as I just recently made the transition last spring. It is a relatively large k-6 school for our district, with approximately 500 students. Early literacy and the development of 21st century skills are always at the forefront of the work that the staff is engaging in, so I am hoping to develop a deeper understanding of how various forms of technology have changed literacy and come away with new ideas on how to support literacy in the digital age. This is my last semester in the MET program and I look forward to learning from and with everyone in this course.

This morning I struggled to find a picture that resonated with me in terms of the reading I completed while exploring the course introduction. For me, literacy, reading, writing, printing, and media are all so intertwined today that it is challenging to find the perfect picture to represent the issues that have been raised. That being said, I have chosen an image that relates to the context that I am situated in. As you can see above I have chosen a picture of a young girl, searching off in the distance through binoculars. In my role, I support our primary team with literacy intervention. The development of oral language for our youngest students is always at the forefront. Among early educators there is a lot of debate around screen time, use of digital devices and the impact on their learning. I look forward to looking at ways that we technology supports the development of early literacy in a meaningful way.



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  1. jamieout says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about technology and the ways it can support learners.
    I have a few friends that work in the Kelowna School District and I’ve heard great things about it. I had a chance to cycle the KVR this summer from Midway to Myra Canyon. Such a beautiful area you are able to call home. I look forward to working with you this semester.

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