Introduction: Jamie Out

THINK before you

The reason I chose this image was because I am reminded of the vital education needed in order to create respectful and peaceable digital citizens in our rapidly changing online world. Our words can impact others greatly. They can educate, inspire, challenge, offend, or wound and, just as we must educate and reinforce right from wrong in face to face conversations, the same is true of online interactions. As anonymity is welcomed as a new norm online, it becomes necessary to educate new digital citizens of the impact that their actions and words can have. This “THINK” acronym has crossed my screen a few times this past week as I plan my new year of teaching and feel that it works as a springboard for teaching about the use of text and technology in our everyday lives.

A little more about me. I have just returned from a year of teaching abroad in China and am looking forward to teaching in a new setting back in the Richmond school district (whenever that may start). This is currently my 3rd MET course and when I planned to take this course I was intrigued by the history aspect of things as that was my undergrad major. I see a few familiar faces (Hi Rhena), and am excited to work with new people and gain new ideas and insights from everyone. Good luck all.


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