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About Shaimaa Otify

Writing your bio or introducing yourself is a very tough job for me. How can you describe yourself, interests, life views in a few words, yet reflect a real picture of yourself. tough... huh?! Maybe this blog will reflect a tiny part of who I am as it develops. Obviously my name is Shaimaa Otify. I consider myself a facilitator, trainer, educator or anything along those lines. My main passion is empowering people. Currently I am doing a Master in Educational Technology in the University of British Columbia. I have a bachelor degree of Political Science. On the professional level, I worked in different fields: community development with a focus on youth development and education; Business Consulting focusing on research and development. Currently I am an Arabic teacher and a freelance trainer. I am originally Egyptian but have been living in Munich, Germany since 2008. I am a mother of 3 children (born in 2008, 2011 & 2014). As you see, It’s as complicated as every other human being :)

Shaimaa Otify Intro

I am Shaimaa. I am originally from Egypt but have been living in Munich Germany for the past 6 years. My interest as well as my experience is in nonformal education. Initially I worked in community development as I facilitated … Continue reading

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