Hello classmates!

books versus e readers

I chose this image because I still can’t bring myself to read from kindles, tablets, or any type of screen for very long. Although I do use the computer for virtually all of my news information, when it comes to reading for pleasure I am inevitably drawn to a book.

My name is Andrew and this is my 8th MET course. I am an English teacher at a high school in Nanaimo, British Columbia (currently at least, who knows what next semester will bring). In what little spare time I have I like to pursue outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, and SUPing are all preferred) or spend time gardening. I am taking this course because I thought it would mesh well with my teaching load this semester and I find the written word fascinating. I’m looking forward to learning a lot this semester and working with all of you!


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  1. fotopasion says:

    You’re not alone. As a self-published writer I was surprised that no one wants an electronic copy of my work. Everyone I know wants a physical copy. There’s something about holding a book, it’s smell, its tactile presence that cannot be duplicated. I have read a few ebooks on our Nexus, but for whatever reason I still go back to physical books. It feels natural to hold one and flipping through pages is a breeze. You can write in them. You can place sticky notes all over the place. You can highlight, doodle, fold the corners, memorize the physical layout of the book etc. Those are things you can never do with an ebook, at least with current generation of ebooks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kgill says:

    Not to mention a book is a lot easier on the eyes! I find looking at a screen to be painful after a couple of hours.

  3. I much prefer physical books, but I do own a Kindle now because English language books in Colombia are very expensive and there is limited selection. Also, books are heavy to move around so I would have to leave them all behind when I move country next… There is one benefit of the Kindle that I didn’t realize until recently – I now buy Spanish books on my Kindle rather than in physical form because of the easy translation when I reach a word I don’t know. This could be useful for students as otherwise it can be frustrating reading if there are many words that you don’t know and can’t figure out from the context.

  4. boon says:

    I was at a conference last summer and a fellow from TRU presented about text books and e text books. Basically, he said that students still prefer to handle, and mark up copies of text. I notice for myself, that I buy all my fiction in digital form (to save space). But I prefer my texts to be printed books. Stacey

  5. emonks says:

    Looks like the island is home to a few MET students.. Hi 🙂

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