fancy letters

letter F Vintage Sticker Letter A letter N LINGO Letter C y18 letter L Vintage Sticker Letter e letter T letter T letter E letter R Vintage Sticker Letter S

After looking through the websites and experimenting with the different tools, I was drawn to the “Spell with Flickr” tool the most. It’s so easy to use and I found it fun when I saw the letters change instantly. I basically chose letters that I liked and the ones that I thought fit well together. This “Spell with Flickr” tool connects with the course because this course is all about writing and how writing tools influence how we respond to text. Having a header like this stands out and can draw readers to continue reading. However, a potential drawback of this tool could be that it may be difficult for some readers to see what the letters are, especially ELL, who may not be able to recognize the letters shaped as different objects. I felt like I had to change the letters a few times because the word was hard to see at first glance. Overall, I feel this tool would be great to use as headers.

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2 Responses to fancy letters

  1. Eva says:

    This made me think of spelling in the classroom. I wonder if there is something similar to Spell with Flickr where students have ownership over the types of letters they use to practice spelling words? I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to have them work on words.

  2. cluciak says:

    Thanks for sharing this tool. I had a similar thought as Eva regarding spelling in the classroom. Definitely food for thought to dig a little deeper to find what is out there for classroom use.


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