Making Connections

The following is a link to the Prezi I made on making connections:


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4 Responses to Making Connections

  1. Lisa Nevoral says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    You utilized a couple of the points you made in your Prezi. Firstly, the reading space and tool used to present your final connections was different then other posts. You could have put all of your information into this Weblog and others would have had to scroll down and read, but instead, you used a Prezi platform. The dynamics of Prezi (slide to next frame) somehow makes what your presented more interesting than if you just posted your information in paragraphs. Secondly, as you noted, throughout the course lots of the posts were not just written text. Some people added images, others hyperlinks, etc… I think that this would suggest that we have multi-literacies if we were able to navigate through different posts and gather information through all these different types of texts and media.

    Have a great holiday break,


    • grants says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for the great summary of the course work and learning gained from it. As Lisa said, using Prezi has made your response more interesting than if it had been presented in paragraphs (like mine!). I really like how you chunked the text into accessible sections and divided it into where we journeyed, what we did, and what we learned. The final slide is an excellent summary of main points of the course.


  2. rebeccaharrison says:

    Lindsay and Lisa,

    I think that Prezi is a great platform to share this experience as well! It does a great job of demonstrating that different formats of expression can add layers to our understanding of content.


  3. troymoore says:

    Interesting discussion on how the modalities involving text shape how we view the text. I would argue that as the web evolves, we will need to find different platforms to keep us entertained.

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