Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us Uploaded by Phil Campbell


I posted an image that in itself doesn’t mean much but it is a screen shot for a youtube video that intrigues me. We were asked to look at the etymologies of Text and Technology and compare them. Before looking at the definitions, this video is how I imagined the two concepts. Now I think that this video is part of the bigger picture but there is so much more to be discovered about “text” and “technology” that has nothing to do with computers and the internet. (On a side note – does the word “computer” encompass all of the different devices that we now use to access the internet?)

My name is Heather Elder and I am currently taking my fifth and sixth courses in the MET program. I am also on maternity leave from an elementary school teaching position. I hope to return to grade four but more likely as prep coverage as I will return in May of next year.

Heather Elder

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