Text Mediums

Text Fabrics: Spoonflower

Hi everyone,
This image represents a number of essential facets to the nature and affordances of text. It demonstrates that people can employ a variety of materials and mediums to use and communicate with text. These methods are changing with the advancement of digital technologies, from print-based to electronic-mediated sources. This picture shows that there are creative ways for using text, which can be applied to various mediums. It also highlights that there are many types of text, including different languages, fonts and symbols. Additionally, this picture provides an example of a word, textile, that uses that root word “text”.

I am a grade 8 French Immersion teacher in Manitoba and this is my 7th course in the MET program. I recently moved to Grand Beach, which is about one hour north of Winnipeg. In my classroom, I use a SMART Board and other educational technologies on a daily basis. I have observed that these tools engage students and accommodate those who have special needs. I believe that acquiring information about digital technology will help me achieve my professional goal of helping students reach their learning potential.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas throughout the course!

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