The Rise of the Graphic Novel in North America

The Rise of the Graphic Novel

Hello all,

This is the link to my presentation on the Rise of the Graphic Novel in North America. My final project will build on this research. My hope is to develop this in to a professional development seminar on the use of graphic novels in the classroom to reach reluctant readers, hence the use of media intended for an audience rather than a traditional paper. For now, enjoy a blast from the past as you watch the Rise of the Graphic Novel in North America.


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4 Responses to The Rise of the Graphic Novel in North America

  1. laurenmacd says:

    Hi Colleen!
    My students love graphic novels, but not knowing much about them myself, I really appreciated your presentation. I hadn’t thought of cave drawings and Ancient Greek and Roman Freizes as graphic novels before, so it was interesting to sit and think of them in that light. Looking forward to seeing what you do for your final project. I’m looking forward to learning more about the graphic novel!

  2. kgill says:

    Hi Colleen,
    I also enjoyed viewing your presentation. You provide a thorough analysis of graphic novels. I feel like I have a greater appreciation for this genre than I did before. I look forward to viewing your final project!

  3. msheidi says:

    Hi Colleen,

    What an interesting topic you selected for your research! I think that your chosen presentation medium would be well suited for a professional development seminar. I appreciated the span of development that you researched and presented. It is surprising to me how long it took before comic books and graphic novels were geared towards a child audience.

    I anticipate the research that you will find and share on the impact of reading this medium for children and adults alike. My guess is that there are graphic novels out there that provide higher level language and thinking, but that the responsibility is left up to the reader to select that depth of reading. Can a graphic novel designed for education be just as attractive and engaging as one designed purely for enjoyment?


  4. ween28 says:

    Thank you all so much. I really enjoyed researching this topic. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find enough by just focusing on North America and was very surprised at the long history I found. I am working on building up my own collection of grade appropriate materials so that I will be able to work with graphic novels in my classroom. If any of you have some favorites that you use, I would love for you to share the titles with me.

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