The Printing Press and Impacts

The following is a video on the impact of Johannes Gutenberg’s Printing Press.

It outlines a brief description of printing and movable type, and then discusses the impact of the press in three areas: the expansion of literacy, the consistency of language, and the change to education. I experimented with my own version of animation at the beginning and although not I find it rudimentary looking, I know I will improve each type. In addition, I also now recognize that youtube takes a really, really long time for upload. This video? About 27 hours, infuriating me, but also provided a great learning lesson. Finish early so you can upload early.

Thanks and enjoy the show.

YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to The Printing Press and Impacts

  1. Lisa Nevoral says:

    Hi Troy,

    I graduated from Correlieu Secondary many, many years ago. My mom actually runs the Correlieu school cafeteria now. What a small world!

    I liked your “low” budget animated figure. I also know how long it takes to upload to YouTube (although maybe not 27 hours) from my courses in the summer. Check out a program called Sparkol VideoScribe. I’ve linked one of my videos from last summer using this program ( for you to watch.

    Heather Moen and I did our research project on the typewriter. The typewriter furthered the consistency of the look and feel of a document, initially in business correspondences. It allowed for standardization of spacing and text placement for business letters and documents. As well, it mimics the printing press by using moveable parts.

    Good job on your video,


  2. rahdube says:

    Many thanks for all your efforts on this project. I had to read the 27 hrs line a couple of times – wow. I haven’t yet tried to upload a YouTube vid but it’s on my ‘To Do’ list for sure. I found that your visuals complimented the narrative well and helped to bring the abstract discussions and ideas of the readings into reality for me. Seeing, for example, the ink mixture gives one a sense of how laborious the process would have been just to prep for a printing run. Nice job my friend.

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