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What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used?
I wanted to use an application I was unfamiliar with to expand my knowledge. I have used ppt but not Slideshare or mp3 personal recordings. I also felt this was something I might be able to use in my own classroom. I also used flickr to find all of my images.

What have you attempted to achieve in your project?
With my presentation I have attempted to share a little bit about what I have learned about the evolution of communication and the power of images.

What are the particular affordances (for knowledge mobilization, learning, etc) of the form of production you’ve selected in relation to previous forms of production we’ve considered in this course?
Slideshare allows audio to be added to a ppt presentation. I can see this being useful for students to practice visual, textual and oral communication together with this application.

What are the potential drawbacks?
It is necessary to find an effective way to record an mp3 audio file. This is not always easy with noise levels in a learning environment or for me in a household with three boys.

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  1. laurenmacd says:

    I hadn’t heard of slide share before. I can definitely see some applications for this in my classroom with my French Immersion students. Besides the affordances of textual and visual communication, it is a great way to have them practise their oral language skills by telling a story. Thanks for sharing it! I will definitely be adding it to my growing list of Web tools to explore further!


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