Graphic Novels: A Professional Development Workshop

Please follow this link to our final collaborative project.

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4 Responses to Graphic Novels: A Professional Development Workshop

  1. rebeccaharrison says:

    Thanks guys, this is a great resource. I hope that my picture posts properly:

  2. rahdube says:

    Hey team,

    With the emerging popularity of graphic novels in school libraries it was helpful to see the resource you have created. I especially liked the historical link to manga which broadens the discussion to include cross cultural implications/roots of this medium. Many people will also find the page on curricular links useful as it situates the ‘how’ and ‘why’ graphic novels can make sense within education. Thanks for all the hard work here everyone.
    Ryan D

  3. dsouzacl says:

    Hi team,

    Great job on your graphic novel presentation. I enjoyed learning more about this phenomenon, as I don’t seem to notice the emerging popularity of graphic novels in my korean high school that I am teaching at. When I was living in Japan, I used to walk past numerous bookstores devoted to graphic novels, filled with mostly adults in business suits perusing through the material. However, in Korea, video games seem to be much more popular, and I rarely see any stores selling manga or other types of graphic novels here.

    Your presentation reminded me of my brother, who always hated school and studying, but loved reading comics like Archie and Asterix, as well as the books in the Tintin series. Maybe graphic novels in school libraries would have motivated him to read more in school. Furthermore, I think that having students create graphic novels in class is an excellent project-based collaborative task to not only improve their literacy skills, but also practice higher level Bloom’s taxonomy skills.

    Thanks for the great work!

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