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OT: In Danger of Becoming A Hostage in Domestic Politics, Again

In 2005, Ivanhoe’s Robert Friedland’s infamous statement about the huge profits to be made in Mongolia at an investor conference in Florida delayed his deal with the Government of Mongolia over one of the biggest copper deposits in the world, … Continue reading

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MPs Petition to Renegotiate OT Agreement

Translation of the petition of 20 Mongolian MPs to their government demanding that negotiations to raise the government stake in the giant Oyu Tolgoi project be initiated. Continue reading

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Resources Available to Mongolian MPs

What resources do Mongolian MPs have in carrying out their parliamentary duties. Continue reading

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The Legislative Process in Mongolia

How does the Ikh Khural pass laws? Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Memo on the Impact of the Xinhai Revolution on Mongolia

How Tibet and Mongolia declared their independence following the Xinhai Revolution. Continue reading

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Canada-Mongolia Roundtable

The biennial Canada-Mongolia Roundtable as the main regular bilateral meeting is occurring on September 9 in Ottawa. Continue reading

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Tono Contemporary Dance

Performance of “Tono” by Red Sky coming to Ulaanbaatar. Continue reading

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Mongolia: A Sultanistic Democracy?

Is Mongolia (at risk of becoming) a sultanistic democracy, dominated by patronage politics that are largely focused on maintenance of power for parties, without engaging in any political or policy-specific debates? Continue reading

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