Presidential 2021

The presidential election will be held on June 9th 2021. Candidates are to be nominated by May 2. The four parties represented in parliament are eligible to nominate candidates.

The MPP has nominated U Khurelsukh.

As of May 4, the DP nomination remains contested due to the struggle over the party seal within the DP. The two apparent candidates are N Altankhuyag and S Erdene.

Khun has nominated D Enkhbat.

Following these nominations, candidates are to submit their election platforms for approval and the General Election Commission would certify their candidacy by 16 days before the election day, i.e. May 24.

How to follow discussions/developments?

Hashtags come and go on Mongolia and have not emerged as a strong tool to organized Twitter discussions. There will almost certainly be much action on Facebook (where I pay less attention). Some likely hashtags might be:

#Сонгууль2021 – tweets related to the Mongolian election

Others appearing:

Our posts about the election can be found under