Ikh Khural 2024

Mongolians will be voting in their parliamentary election in June 2024. We’ll be looking to provide primers on the changed electoral system, on party platforms and on candidates in the Spring of 2024, along with some live panel discussions on Zoom, perhaps.

One of the big changes for the coming year will be that the demise of the platform-formerly-known-as-Twitter will mean that one method by which to track candidates will be reduced and that hashtags as an organizational mechanism are likely to be less prominent. Note, however, that while we may object to the current ownership of X and their policies, there has not been a significant movement away from X among Mongolian users, so that reliance on the platform may continue from previous elections.

Despite the wide-spread use of Twitter, Mongolians have not been particularly avid hashtag users. But some of the hashtags to watch for the election include:

Tweets related to Mongolian politics: #mglpoli

Tweets related to the Mongolian parliament: #УИХ

Tweets that might be recycled from previous Mongolian parliamentary election would include:

  • #Сонгууль
  • #songuuli
  • #VoteMongolia2024
  • #УИХ2024
  • #Сонгууль2024

For Mongolia Focus posts related to the election see https://blogs.ubc.ca/mongolia/category/politics/elections/ikh-khural-2024/