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Search for (Oyu Tolgoi) Perfection

By Julian Dierkes I have recently shared my perspective on the negotiations of a (new) OT Agreement. Below, I want to highlight one of the aspects that I see as bringing about this cycle, an aspect that is also prevalent … Continue reading

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2021 Oyu Tolgoi Negotiations

By Julian Dierkes How can I resist the following challenge? So what do you think is the key to resolving the OT situation? MPP controls government, so clearly decisions can be taken. What about Rio’s behaviour? Is GOM being unfair? … Continue reading

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Untold Blogpost 18: Хөгжлийн бэрхшээлтэй иргэдийн идэвхитэй оролцоо нийгмээс хамааралтай…

Чүлтэмийн Нямсүрэн  Энэ удаагийн зочин Чиба Хисао маань Япон улсаас холбогдож байна. Тэрээр хөгжлийн бэрхшээлтэй иргэдийг дэмжих, тэдэнд учрах саад бэрхшээлийг арилгахын төлөө ажил, амьдралынхаа 20 гаруй жилийг зориулсан эрхэм нэгэн билээ. Бангкок хотноо НҮБ-ийн Ази номхон далайн бүс нутгийн … Continue reading

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Fragmented Power

By Julian Dierkes A recent article in The Economist compares political contestation around the Kumtor mine in Kyrgyzstan and Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia. There a number of aspects to that comparison that make it very interesting: Democratization: Kyrgyzstan has – … Continue reading

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