Presidential 2017

On June 26 2017, more than 2,050,000 Mongolians will be electing a new president. Mongolians living abroad will vote at embassies and consulates on June 10/11.

Incumbent Pres. Ts Elbegdorj will not be running for re-election as he has been president for two terms. Only parties represented in the Ikh Khural can nominate candidates. On May 17, the General Election Commission awarded candidates’ certificates to M Enkhbold (MPP), Kh Battulga (DP), and S Ganbaatar (MPRP). The campaign officially kicked off on June 6 and will conclude on June 24.

Following the 2016 parliamentary election, the hashtag to watch may be:

#Сонгууль2017 – tweets related to the Mongolian election

Others appearing:

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