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Зочны булан:Монгол улсын 2016 оны УИХ-ын сонгуулийн мөрийн хөтөлбөрт буй уул уухайн зорилтуудын тухай

Др. А. Энхбат Монгол улсын Их хурлын сонгуулийн санал хураалт 2016.06.29-нд болно. Энэ удаагийн сонгуульд 13 нам, 3 эвсэл өрсөлдөж байна. Эдгээрээс УИХ-ын сонгуульд 39 дээш нэр дэвшигч буюу засгийн газар байгуулах хэмжээнд өрсөлдөж буй МАН, АН, МАХН, “Тусгаар тогтнол, … Continue reading

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Immediate Reactions to MPP Landslide

By Julian Dierkes Wow, what a victory for the MPP. Certainly unexpected in this magnitude, but that’s what happens with first-past-the-post voting, i.e. a series of small and big victories in constituencies adds up to a HUGE victory in terms … Continue reading

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Early Projections: Landslide Victory for MPP

By Julian Dierkes Preliminary results are all suggesting a landslide win for MPP, nay, complete rout of DP. Projections are suggesting a majority of over 60 seats for MPP with the DP held to around a dozen seats. Early returns … Continue reading

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Tales of Election Observation

By Julian Dierkes As Mongolia votes today on June 29, I’m feeling a bit left out. I was an election observer in the last four national elections, but am unable to be in Mongolia this time around. Role of Observers … Continue reading

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What I’m Watching for on Election Night

By Julian Dierkes Whether or not we’ll see a result already in the night of June 29/30 will depend a bit on how many close races there will be and whether any constituencies will come close to the minimum 50% … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Reflections of Mining in 2016 Campaign Platforms

By Enkhbat A Different Approaches to Mining The Mongolian parliamentary election will take place on June 29, 2016. There are 13 parties and 3 coalitions campaigning for the upcoming election. A brief analysis has been conducted on the four political entities, … Continue reading

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Changing of the DP Guard?

By Julian Dierkes My sense is that there is not only significant frustration with the concrete implementation of democracy and its institutions in Mongolia, but more specifically with the two big political parties, MAHAH. One of the frustrations I have … Continue reading

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Election Day

By Julian Dierkes The spectre of the July 1 2008 riots still loom over Mongolian elections. While full explanations never really emerged, it seems that those riots were a combination of some orchestration of protests, the latent potential for protests in … Continue reading

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Halfway through Сонгууль 2016 Campaign

By Julian Dierkes The election campaign for the State Great Khural election on June 29 is over halfway through its official 18-day period. While it has been an active campaign for the 498 candidates, and visibly so, it has been … Continue reading

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Civil Society Perspective on State’s Role in Large Resource Projects

By Bilguun N ICF Workshop “State’s Role in Large Resource Projects” – Perspectives of Civil Society When Ts Munkhbayar, was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, he was interviewed by Anthropologist Bumochir Dulam. He explained a truthful reason to come to the parliament house with a … Continue reading

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Interesting Constellations of Candidates

There are always some interesting individuals, opposing races, and categories of candidates to be found among a number of candidates as large as 498 in this election. Wrestlers Bat-Erdene B (incumbent, MPP, Khentii, 40) Sumiyabazar D (incumbent, MPP, Songinokhairkhan 73) … Continue reading

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Small, Unanticipated Impacts

By Julian Dierkes [With some notes from CIRDI program manager, Marie-Luise Ermisch, PhD] One of the challenges on attempting to apply my understanding of contemporary Mongolia through development interventions has been that it is forcing me to learn a number … Continue reading

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Guest Post: State Participation in Resources Projects

By Unurjargal U The State’s Role in Large Resource Projects The appropriate forms for state participation in mining sector – a sensitive issue in Mongolia. The Canadian International Mineral Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) organized a cooperation conference with the … Continue reading

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Notes on Parliamentary Election Candidates & Races

By Julian Dierkes The official campaign for the June 29 parliamentary election kicked off on June 11. The General Election Commission published the official list of candidates on June 7. I’ve been trying to sort through this list to take note … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ICF Workshop – Private Sector Perspective

By Aligermaa B Does the state, responsible for national welfare, have any business getting actively involved in a business, even in one related to essential services or strategic national resources? Or, should everything be left to the private sector which, … Continue reading

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