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Women MPs in 2024 election result

By Bulgan Batdorj  The results are in, and Mongolia has made history—a record-breaking 32 women have secured seats in the country’s 126-member parliament, representing 25.4% of the total. Of the 32 women elected, 8 were chosen directly through constituency votes, … Continue reading

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Guest post: Election Platforms on Extractive Sector Governance

By Dorjdari Namkhaijantsan  While political party platforms play arguably a limited role in the final outcome of elections in Mongolia, they are nonetheless important since the aspirations of the ultimate winning party stated in them end up forming the basis … Continue reading

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Gendered Trends in Candidacy for Mongolia’s 2024 Parliamentary Election

By Bulgan Batdorj  There are total of 1,340 candidates across 13 constituency regions and the party list. Of these candidates, 498 (37%) are women and 842 (64.3%) are men.  It looks that the women quota and the zipper system in … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Analyzing the Environmental Strategies of Five Parties

Jangar Ts. and Bolormaa P.  Overview of Natural Resources and Ecosystems Mongolia, renowned for its vast steppe grasslands, abundant water resources, forests, wetlands, and rich mineral deposits, faces significant environmental challenges. Key threats include environmental degradation, desertification, unsustainable water extraction, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Naadam Festival – Honouring the Past, Embracing the Future

By Zorigtkhuu B The Naadam Festival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of nomadic culture, symbolizing national independence and featuring a blend of arts and sports, which took place last week. It is the largest gathering for all Mongolians, taking days off … Continue reading

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Charting a New Path: Understanding the Effects of Generational Shift on Politics and Economics

By Bulgan Batdorj  Mongolians born in the 1970s and 80s experienced the country’s transition from communism to democracy in 1990 at a relatively young age. This is a generation that grew up during shaky economic times and a shifting cultural … Continue reading

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Guest post: Mongolia’s Success in Team Sports

By Zorigtkhuu Bat-Erdene  On April 1, 2023, the Mongolian male basketball team repeated their historic success by winning the 3×3 Asian Cup, defeating the Australian team twice, the first time being in 2017. This remarkable achievement has sparked widespread celebration … Continue reading

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New to Ulaanbaatar, Feb 2022

By Bulgan Batdorj  After four years, I finally got to go to Ulaanbaatar in February 2022. Although I was in regular contact with my family and friends, I was overjoyed to see them in person. The home welcoming of UB … Continue reading

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Some observations of the war – Buriyat soldiers

By Bulgan Batdorj  The war caused displacements of millions and thousands of casualties. The United Nations voted to condemn Russia and called for withdrawal. Mongolia abstained in the vote (please more on Mongolia’s government response in this Bolor’s article). The Mongolians … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Creating Value From Mining: Local Procurement, Shared Value and Sustainable Development

By Jocelyn Fraser & Zorigkhuu Bat-Erdene As Mongolia develops its rich mineral resources, tensions can arise between mining companies and local communities.  Efforts to expand the economy through the development of mineral resources have therefore raised questions about whether mineral … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mongolian Olympic Team in Tokyo 2020

By Zorigtkhuu Bat-Erdene  A Mongolian National Olympic Team of 43 athletes participated in the 2020 Summer Olympic Game in Tokyo, Japan in ten different sports.  Mongolian athletes have been participating in every Summer Olympic Games since 1964 in Tokyo, except … Continue reading

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Presidential election candidates platform

By Bulgan B The presidential election campaigning has ended officially on June 8 2021. The campaign lasted for ten days, and tomorrow, June 9th, we are likely to have a result or a likely decision on whether a second vote … Continue reading

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Mongolian Democracy Through the Lens of Animal Farm

By Bulgan Batdorj When I recently read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, a book written as an allegorical critique of the Soviet Union in 1945, I could not help but compare the characters and story to Mongolia. The … Continue reading

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Women MPs

By Bulgan Batdorj Mongolia’s 8th parliamentary election held on June 24, 2020. Despite the concerns over coronavirus pandemic, the voter turnout reached 68 percent. The election result shows 13 women out of 76 seats  – the exact same number of … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Election 2020 Campaign Slogans

By Bulgan Batdorj  In this brief post, I want to share the slogans of the parties competing in this year’s parliamentary election on June 24.  I was able to find seven party and three coalition slogans. Although the data is … Continue reading

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