The 2019 Public Outreach Award of the Central Eurasian Studies Society.

These notes have reached us unsolicited from readers.

I have been following your think pieces on Mongolia and I find them highly informative. I am coordinating ??? development projects in Mongolia from the Headquarters of ???, and I cannot overestimate your very available expertise on Mongolia.

Program Coordinator, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Intergovernmental Organization
July 2018

I wanted to reach out to you to express my appreciation for your pieces on Mongolia Focus. I am a political reporter at the ??? Embassy in Beijing but I am also covering Mongolia. As with several other embassies in Beijing we have been accredited Mongolia, but it is hard to find the time and resources to follow Mongolia closely and unfortunately next to China Mongolia does not always receive the priority I think it deserves. Your website is a great tool to keep up to date in this regard.

Second Secretary, Political Section
Embassy, Beijing
March 2018