Ikh Khural 2020

Mongolians will be voting in their parliamentary election in on June 24 2020. See our primer for information about electoral districts, dates, etc., our overview of the political party landscape then the listing of the parties that have been registered for the election.

Despite the wide-spread use of Twitter, Mongolians have not been particularly avid hashtag users. But some of the hashtags to watch for the election include:

Tweets related to Mongolian politics: #mglpoli

Tweets related to the Mongolian parliament: #УИХ

Tweets related to the Mongolian parliamentary election in 2020:

  • #Сонгууль
  • #songuuli
  • #VoteMongolia2020
  • #УИХ2020
  • #Сонгууль2020

As of Spring 2020, #Сонгууль2020 is seeing some posts already, so it’s the one we will be likely to use. It also seems to see the widest and most varied (i.e. not partisan) use as of the beginning of the campaign in the first week of June. Even some official party posts have begun using the hashtag by the second week of the campaign.

For Mongolia Focus posts related to the election see https://blogs.ubc.ca/mongolia/category/politics/elections/ikh-khural-2020/

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