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Five Years of Mongolia Focus

By Julian Dierkes We posted our first blog on July 29, 2011. The idea to blog grew out of discussions that Mendee, Byamba and I were having almost every day at the office. Social developments in Mongolia, current politics, curious … Continue reading

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Did (Any of) My Saikhanbileg Wishes Come True?

By Julian Dierkes In December 2014 when the first Saikhanbileg cabinet had been formed, I wrote a personal wishlist of actions I was hoping that cabinet might take. J Erdenebat was the finance minister in that cabinet. All the more … Continue reading

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Cabinet Appointment: Dumbledorj for Foreign Minister

By Julian Dierkes Things are moving very fast with the new MPP government, it seems like now is the time to make my pitch for a cabinet appointment… Beware of a feeble attempt at humour… This is the newsflash I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Questions about Purchase of Erdenet Mining

Note: I am unable to corroborate what Lkhagva is reporting here, but a) I know him to be a committed investigative journalist, and b) this is a potentially important story given the significance of the Erdenet mine to Mongolia, not … Continue reading

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Not a Social Media Election

By Julian Dierkes I was surprised that the election campaign for the June 29 election did not unfold on social media more. Yes, there was some activity, but I did not see any clever or comprehensive campaigns by candidates or parties, … Continue reading

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