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Dr Byambajav Dalaibuyan’s research interests address the sustainability challenges in emerging economies, with a focus on the resources sector; impact assessment, agreement-making, resettlement management, water governance, and social responsibility of resources companies. He is also involved in research projects on political, social, and economic transformations in Mongolia.

Byambajav holds a PhD in Sociology from the Hokkaido University; has held research and teaching roles with Tohoku University (Japan), the University of Queensland (Australia), Hokkaido University (Japan), Mongolian State University of Education; and has regularly delivered consultancy and research outputs to organizations such as UNDP, IFC, International Mining for Development Centre, Open Society Forum, IRIM, and Rio Tinto.


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  5. Alex says:

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for this informative blog.
    I was wondering whether you guys have a copy of the September 2012 open letter signed by 24 MPs demanding renegotiation of the Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement. The letter is extremely similar to the September 2011 petition that you posted

    Thank you very much,

  6. D.Byambajav says:

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, the two letters are very similar. I have a copy of online edition of a newspaper where the 2012 letter was published. It is in Mongolian. If you need it I can send you by email. Actually, the letter is very short. The following is a rough translation.

    To the Prime Minister of Mongolia S. Batbold

    On the Enforcement of the Ikh Khural’s Decision

    According to the article 29.4 of the Mineral Law and the 57th decree of the Ikh Khural, the Ikh Khural provided the Government of Mongolia the authority to negotiate the Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement and to conclude the agreement under the specified terms and conditions.

    The 57th decree obligated the Government of Mongolia to conclude the agreement under the condition that the Government shall increase the state share of the Oyu Tolgoi ownership to no less than 50 percent after the first investment is paid-off by negotiating with investors and enhancing legal provisions.

    On September 6, 2011, a number of MPs (names…) sent a letter demanding that the 57th decree of the State Great Khural on the Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement should be enforced and results should be reported to the parliament by October 1, 2011. However, the demand has not fulfilled since last year.

    Thus, we demand again that the 57th decree of the State Great Khural on the Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement should be enforced and results should be reported to the parliament by October 5, 2012.

    The members of the State Great Khural who supported this demand:


  7. Munkh says:

    Sain baina uu? Phd dissertation ajiliig chin sonirhoj boloh bolovuu? Bi Mongoliin negen SMO-oor neg jijig paper bichij baigaamaa tegeed urid n hiij baisan sudalgaanuudiig harval arai iluu medeeleltei boloh bolovuu gej bodood handaj baigaa yumaa.
    Hundetgesen Munkh

    • D.Byambajav says:

      Sain baina uu Munkhuu,

      Oroitoj harui ugch baigaadaa hultsel uchie. Bi PhD-iin ajlaa nom bolgoh sanaatai ajillaj bgaa um. Bi cham ruu hevluulsen bolon hevlelted bgaa article yavuuliya.

      Chi minii byambjv@gmail.com ruu email bicheed uldeechiheerei.


  8. OnlyM3 says:

    I’ve just read “Christianity in Mongolia since 1990” posted on May 1, 2013 by D. Byambajav. I’m working at a paper about the history of Christianity in Mongolia and i would ask your help to give me more data and information about this subject. Any book, article, PDF would be good, or maybe you can tell me some important persons that got a place in the history of mongol Christianity. Thank you !

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