Assorted Videos


Julian Dierkes on MNB World, August 2018

Julian Dierkes on Jargal de Facto, August 2017


Asien Aktuell: Folge 25, Singapore, January 2023

Untold: The Hidden Stories of Persons with Disabilities in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Deutschlandfunk Nova: Das Weltreich der Mongolen, November 2021

Pub Poli: Comparative Electoral Systems, March 2020

Sustainable Mongol: Global Energy Transition and Phasing out Coal in Mongolia, April 2019

Geopolitics & Empire: Geopolitics of Mongolia & Move Toward Authoritarian Rule, April 2019

Presentations and Webinars

Mongolia Minute

This series attempts to offer insights into contemporary Mongolia in small video snippets. As the name suggests, we will stick to videos of under one minute. We don’t have great ambitions in terms of production value, though frequent travel to Mongolia might give us a chance to offer some more interesting backgrounds than our more common office surroundings.

The intention is to offer insights focused on explaining, analyzing or commenting on quite specific aspects of contemporary Mongolia. Some of these explanations will focus on broad topics that may be of greatest interest to viewers who know very little about Mongolia, while other, more specific analyses will focus on more contentions, but also more involved topics.

We will be organizing theses videos as they accumulate by categorizing and tagging them.

We are obviously delighted to receive questions or suggestions for topics that would be of interest as a Mongolia Minute.

Listing of Mongolia Minute Videos

Democracy (Feb 2016)