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Mongolia this Year

It’s been quite a year for Mongolia in that the rest of the world paid some attention to Mongolia, at least in punctuated bursts… Mongolia in the News Rapid Growth The news item that probably attracted most international attention was … Continue reading

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Small Power

My thesis- written under the direction of Drs. Julian Dierkes and Brian Job- has been officially accepted by UBC, marking the completion of my M.A. Asia Pacific Policy Studies. I have included the abstract and link below, and in the … Continue reading

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The Citizens’ Hall and Homeland Councils

Just adding a part of my thesis that focuses on the Citizens’ Hall and Homeland Councils.  And, still wondering how political parties’ emerging interests in local politics will impact the most powerful local network, Homeland Councils. The citizens’ halls and the homeland councils provide interesting … Continue reading

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More on Corruption in Mongolia According to Transparency International: Further Comparisons

Mongolia compared to other countries for the Corruption Perception Index in more ways. Continue reading

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FDI to Mongolia: Restrictions, China, and Comparisons with Canada

Are there similarities between Foreign Investment Laws in Canada and Mongolia and what lessons does the Mongolian experience hold? Continue reading

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Corruption in Mongolia according to Transparency International

Corruption is one of the most prominent features cited in any overview of Mongolian politics, political risk, human development or investment potential. Yet, any hard evidence on the prevalence, extent and mechanisms of corruption are very hard to come by. … Continue reading

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New Book: A History of Land Use in Mongolia: The Thirteenth Century to the Present

Elizabeth Endicott (Middlebury College) publishes a new book on the history of land use in Mongolia. Continue reading

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2012 Local Election Final Results

The Mongolian General Election Commission has announced the final results of the Nov 2012 local elections. Continue reading

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