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Initial Campaign Impressions

By Julian Dierkes After a first full day of campaigning, here are some very quick, superficial impressions of the presidential election campaign. These are based largely on Twitter and some emailing, as I am about to get on a plane … Continue reading

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Navigating by Fibreoptic Cable

[Somehow this post got stuck in the drafts folder on the blog dashboard in July 2013 and lingered there for quite some time until I found it again in summer 2016.] Pardon the very general and somewhat cranky, er, excursion here… … Continue reading

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State-Sponsored Formalization of Household Herding in Rural Bayanhongor

“A herder is master of 1000 professions.” President Elbegdorj, printed at the top of herder diplomas The Presence of the State in Rural Mongolia Over the course of my dissertation fieldwork in Mongolia, I spent a considerable amount of time … Continue reading

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Mongolia in the 2014 Social Progress Index

[This post was written jointly by Undral Amarsaikhan and Julian Dierkes] On April 2, the Social Progressive Imperative released its 2014 Social Progress Index. For the first time, this included Mongolia. The Social Progressive Index is an index of indices … Continue reading

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Moving with the Seasons: A Photography book on Mongolian Nomads

Liza F. Carter traveled five times to Mongolia over four years to document the daily life of a modern nomadic family and to photograph a way of life that is fast disappearing. Moving with the Seasons: Portrait of a Mongolian Family is a stunning book … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Christopher Carter on the Role of Bag Governors

This post features a new community character from Bag 4, Abu the bag governor. This summer alongside this community I experimented with a participatory planning tool that I hope to refine over the upcoming years at UBC.  Participating clans were … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Christopher Carter on Kazakh Mongolians in Far West

For the past month I have been living at the mountain pastures of the fourth bag of Saqai Soum in Olgii province Mongolia working on researching participatory planning and water resource development. Olgii province is home to Mongolia’s largest ethnicity, a Kazakh … Continue reading

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Mongolian Cashmere on Kickstarter

I recently came across an announcement of the first Mongolia-linked Kickstarter project (at least as far as I’m aware). Kickstarter, of course, is the website that offers entrepreneurs and others an opportunity to crowd-source funding for projects and business ideas. … Continue reading

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New Book: A History of Land Use in Mongolia: The Thirteenth Century to the Present

Elizabeth Endicott (Middlebury College) publishes a new book on the history of land use in Mongolia. Continue reading

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Book Chapter: Changes in Pastoral Land Use and Their Effects on Rangeland Vegetation Indices

Changes in grazing management and herd size are leading to a decrease in rangeland vegetation in northwestern Mongolia. Continue reading

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Book: Change in Democratic Mongolia – Social Relations, Health, Mobile Pastoralism, and Mining

A new edited volume of social science research on contemporary Mongolia. Continue reading

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