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World-Leading National University of Mongolia?

By Julian Dierkes and Orkhon Gantogtokh Rankings of schools and universities were initially conceived to bring accountability and transparency to education. In this, they are similar to all kinds of rankings that are applied to countries, including Mongolia. Yet, university … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Five Reasons Why Democracy in Mongolia is Working

By Daniel Schmücking and Adiyasuren J Mongolia is hailed as an ‘oasis of democracy’, as a shining example of democratic development, and as a model for other post-communist countries especially the Central Asian nations to strive to. Although, many challenges such … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Resource Governance Index Points to SOEs as Key Reform Target  

By N Dorjdari NRGI’s Resource Governance Index measures good governance in the extractives sectors of 81 countries. This year, Mongolia’s mining sector ranked 15th out of 89 assessed extractive sectors, with an overall score of 64 out of 100 points—a … Continue reading

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Addendum: Paying Bribes

By Julian Dierkes I recently wrote that year-over-year changes in the Corruption Perception Index for Mongolia didn’t mean much, and also tried to benchmark corruption in Mongolia against post-state socialist countries, resource economies and democracies. Now, Transparency International offers some … Continue reading

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Benchmarking Corruption

By Julian Dierkes In January, Transparency International released the most recent instalment of its corruption perception index. I’ve already commented that Mongolia’s drop in the CPI rankings was not very meaningful. The more I’ve looked at the CPI over the years, … Continue reading

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Drop in 2016 Corruption Perception Index Score Not Very Meaningful

By Julian Dierkes As readers of the blog know, I have developed an interest on Mongolia’s position on various global rankings over the years. I have written about indices in methodological terms as well as to try to understand Mongolia’s … Continue reading

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Mongolia in the 2014 Social Progress Index

[This post was written jointly by Undral Amarsaikhan and Julian Dierkes] On April 2, the Social Progressive Imperative released its 2014 Social Progress Index. For the first time, this included Mongolia. The Social Progressive Index is an index of indices … Continue reading

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Failed States Index

The Fund for Peace released its 2013 Failed States Index (FSI) earlier in July 2013 and I’ve included the ranking in our Mongolia Scorecard. Methodology The Failed States Index aims to identify ” pressures [that] are pushing a state towards the brink of … Continue reading

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Mongolia Jumps to Higher Category in Freedom House Political Rights

Mongolia’s political rights evaluated in top category by Freedom House. Continue reading

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More on Corruption in Mongolia According to Transparency International: Further Comparisons

Mongolia compared to other countries for the Corruption Perception Index in more ways. Continue reading

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Is Mongolia Fighting or Preparing to Fight Corruption?

By Mendee Jargalsaikhan Mongolia seems succeeding to create the legal environment to tame the corruption by institutionalizing its efforts.  But, these laws and any agencies will be powerless in the absence of political will and interest to clean up the … Continue reading

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Russians AND THEIR NEIGHBOURS still struggling to end authoritarianism?

Authoritarianism still reigns in Russia and its neighbours, or so argues Mark Mackinnon of the Globe & Mail. Well, most of its neighbours as Mongolia is the fascinating exception to that pattern. Continue reading

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