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Election Talk around Town

By Julian Dierkes I’ve only been in Ulaanbaatar for a couple of days, but I am having lots of conversations with contacts about the election. As Mendee keeps emphasizing, I may be the person in Ulaanbaatar who is most excited … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Political Parties’ Election Platforms on Higher Education

By Orkhon Gantogtokh This review focuses on how 19 political parties and 2 coalitions that submitted their election platforms reflect higher education (university level education) in their platforms, based on comparisons available at iKON and iToim. The analysis includes how … Continue reading

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Constituency Competitiveness

By Julian Dierkes With the men’s European Championship in football about to start, one might ask if any of the constituencies in the election are a “group of death” like Group D in the Euro where Austria, France, the Netherlands … Continue reading

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Guest Post: In Search of New, Clean, and Young Candidates for Politics in Mongolia

By Munkh-Erdene G For over a month, the reality show “Candidate-2024” was filmed, producing eight episodes to introduce new faces to Mongolia’s political landscape. As one of the 100 participants selected from more than 500 applicants, I was a complete … Continue reading

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Notable Candidates

By Julian Dierkes, Marissa J. Smith and Bulgan B Below are some of the notable individual candidates running in the election. “Notable” in this context means individuals who are known to us to have played a prominent role in politics … Continue reading

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